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Speaking Engagements
Evelyn enjoys sharing her experiences and wisdom with others as a motivational speaker for civic, social, and educational groups. Whether Evelyn is speaking about corporate America, entrepreneurship, women's issues, or spirituality, it would be a rare occasion for her not to receive a standing ovation.

She appeals to audiences of all ages and interests and has spoken at universities across the country about entrepreneurship.

Recommendations on Evelyn’s Speaking

“ A standing ovation is rare in the corporate environment, yet Evelyn Echols has received many as she has delivered inspirational messages to corporate, civic and social organizations. Evelyn has a way of describing very practical, managerial and human resource principles which are then enhanced when one realizes that she has been practicing them for nearly 55 years!”
- James E. Morehouse
Senior Partner, AT Kearney Inc.

“I have had the pleasure to hear Evelyn Echols speak about business and her life experiences on many different occasions. She is truly a terrific speaker who combines real business ‘take away’ value with an entertaining approach. What I find most impressive is that weeks, months and even years later, people still remember her speeches and the lessons she delivers.”
- Gregory K. Jones
Partner, The Edgewater Funds

“Thank you very much for participating in the Forum on the topic of “The State of Women: Taking Risks in a Changing World” and for the benefits of your knowledge, experience, and success as a woman… this was our most successful event because of you and your role.”
- Hedy M. Ratner
Director, CEO Women’s Business Development Center

“We have been exceptionally fortunate to have Evelyn Echols, entrepreneur extraordinaire, as a speaker on many occasions to address our CEO members. Her messages are even more important today than before, and in speaking to more than 1000 participants at the annual CEO conference, their anonymous ratings placed her the very best of 50 speakers. I wholeheartedly encourage you to invite Evelyn to speak in your programs. She has the presence and credibility to impress your donors, sponsors, students and faculty. Her speaking fees are a bargain, far below what she could charge due to her belief in entrepreneurship education and our field. We professors and directors avoid most speaker fees, but Evelyn Echols should be an exception.”
- Gerald E. Hills
Coleman Chairholder and CEO Chair
University of Illinois at Chicago

“In the evaluation of individual speakers and sessions at the recent Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship conference, it was clear that our keynote speaker, Evelyn Echols, on So You Want to be an Entrepreneur… garnered the most favorable approvals with an almost perfect mean score of 3.96. An amazing 97% of the evaluators gave her an excellent mark. Evelyn was the audience favorite by a substantial margin.”
- Nola Miyasaki
Director, Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship
Syracuse University

“Evelyn, you are to be credited for our success and the myriad of compliments we received. The audience was very captivated by your discussion on what it has taken for you to be successful. Undoubtedly, part of it is your wit, your charm and your insistence on only settling for the best. You were truly an inspiration to everyone I later talked to. It is obvious to all that you have gotten the most you can out of life, and have emerged a very wise and affable mentor."
-Anthony J. Popanz
Former Executive Director, Entrepreneur Club
University of Notre Dame

“On behalf of the Faculty of Management and McGill University, I would very much like to extend to you our thanks. Your recent presentation to our MBA students was truly inspiring and was much appreciated.”
- Wallace B. Crowston
Dean, Faculty of Management
McGill University

“I asked the group for feedback and the response was unanimously positive. You were very inspiring and optimistic during your talk.”
- Angela Burlton
McGill University

“ She has been – and continues to be – a pleasure to work with in every capacity. She is extremely knowledgeable about the motivational subjects she discusses resulting from her life-experiences as well as the extensive research she does when assembling her presentations. She is well-organized and perfectly prepared for each speaking engagement. Her motivational messages – coupled with her delightful wit – have elicited a most positive reaction form all that attended her presentations.”

“I would heartily endorse Ms. Evelyn Echols as an exceptional professional that would be an asset to any teaching curriculum focused on Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.”
- Linda S. Kimball
Executive Director

“Young at Heart: Chicago’s own pioneering travel school owner, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Evelyn Echols – still going like 60 at age 95—heads to Orlando, Fl., in October to address the 25,000 folks attending the annual AARP Convention on creative living for senior citizens.”
- Bill Zwecker
Chicago Sun -Times

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